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Radial Café to Open Second Location in College Park

Press Release - December 2016

Radial Café, Georgia’s only three-star green restaurant, is bringing its “small carbon footprint and big local flavor” to a new neighborhood: College Park. Slated for Spring 2017, Radial Café College Park will continue the Candler Park tradition of serving fresh organic and local ingredients to graciously and playfully transform familiar dishes into imaginative favorites.

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Where to Brunch: Radial Café in Candler Park

Zagat - April 2014

Health-conscious but not beat-you-over-the-head about it, Candler Park's Radial Cafe has been a proponent of farm-fresh food and quality, often-organic ingredients since opening in 1999. An eco-conscious restaurant with lunch and dinner, Radial also puts together a satisfying weekend brunch.

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Radial Café

Atlanta Parent Online - March 2013

One of Atlanta’s first farm-to-table restaurants, Radial dishes up healthy and delicious kid-friendly food and stays open for dinner patrons Thurs.-Sat. Parents will like the industrial-diner vibe, and kids will love the cleverly named menu items and thoughtful touches such as paper bags and crayons to make reusable puppets. Great tip for parents with fi dgety kids like our 8-year-old son: Put your name on the call-ahead list to avoid a wait, especially on weekends.

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Radial Café

Atlanta Coffee Scene - August 2012

Radial Café is one of those places that you only really hear of through word of mouth. It's secluded enough that you almost never drive by it (and if you did you wouldn't register it), and it's quiet enough that you never see it in advertisement. So when Jaclyn suggested we try this place out, I went in with the blankest slate possible. I purposefully withheld from reading the menu or website so as to give myself the freshest experience possible. And I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised in every regard.

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Dining Green

Sheen - August 2012

In short, Radial Café is just cool. Besides serving fresh vegan/vegetarian food, they also serve breakfast all day (yum!) and display artwork from conscious artists (yay!). They are also Atlanta’s
only Green Restaurant Association Certified Farm-to-Table Restaurant.

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Brunch cocktails - Where to drink the day away

Creative Loafing, Stephanie Dazey 04.18.2012.

Radial Café

The Rise & Shine cocktail at Radial is made with Earl Grey-infused gin, grapefruit and lemon juice, egg whites, and orange marmalade. Egg whites give the cocktail a creamy texture that's balanced out with plenty of herbs and citrus acidity. 1530 DeKalb Ave. 404-659-6594.

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Radial Café opens for dinner

Creative Loafing, Cliff Bostock 10.14.2011.

Owner Frank Bragg has made the happy decision to open his popular restaurant, Radial Café, for dinner. The space has also been remodeled and has a pub-like atmosphere now.

The menu is brief and adheres to Bragg's farm-to-table ethic. There are eight entree plates, plus sandwiches and salads.

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ZWZ Participants Do More than Avoid Landfills

Zero Waste Zone 08.30.2011.

From Radial Café's tagline, "small carbon footprint, big local flavor," it is clear sustainability is at the foundation of their business model.

With the baton passed to Frank Bragg, Radial continues the march to its green tune and was awarded a coveted three-star Green Restaurant Association award this spring.

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Frank Sets Example for Displaced Employees

11 Alive TV News 08.30.2011.

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Living In Atlanta




Catering to your health

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Carolyn O'Neil 08.03.2011.

Caterer Frank Bragg of Radial Cafe even made sure the display included sustainable principles: “We used a stack of cardboard egg cartons topped with glass to present the devilled eggs. It’s a touch of whimsy, but it’s also a way to reuse and repurpose the egg cartons.”

Bragg, whose company motto is “Small Carbon Footprint, Big Local Flavor,” has been on the forefront of “green catering” since he began his company in 1999.

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Spotted! A "Glee" Cheerio, a Grammy winner and a "Top Chef" contender at Radial Café

Atlanta Magazine 06.06.2011.

It turned out to be a celeb-filled weekend of star gazing at Radial Café in Candler Park.

For starters, Savannah native and "Glee" actress Dianna Agron (who plays cheerleader/Gleek Quinn) on the hit Fox show was spotted enjoying the eatery's vegetarian biscuits and gravy with a male companion.

On Saturday morning, Sugarland member Kristian Bush popped in with his two kids to celebrate his daughter's birthday and sampled the American Breakfast and French toast.

And finally, beloved "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" cast member Yukon Cornelius, um, er, make that Woodfire Grill chef and former "Top Chef" contestant Kevin Gillespie showed up Saturday to try the special of the day.

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Coke Pushes Transparency, Practices the Opposite

Corporate Accountability International 04.27.2011.

Frank Bragg, Owner, The Radial Café:

"I just attended an event and heard Marcus Erikson speak. His research on the 5 major gyres around the world was shocking. Whether we are talking about eliminating plastic water bottles or the use of any other plastic, we must act with a sense of urgency to correct the damage we are doing to our planet!"

"All businesses have a responsibility to operate with integrity. Whether you are the local mom & pop cafe or Coca Cola, you will never be completely successful unless your market trusts you. Coca Cola needs to be forthright and let everyone know the source of the water they use, especially for bottled water products."

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Top 5 Omelettes in Atlanta

Haute Living 04.12.2011.

Located in a formal industrial corridor on Dekalb Avenue between the historic Edgewood and Candler Park neighborhoods, Radial Cafe serves up breakfast and lunch with a side of environmental responsibility. As the first restaurant in the state to hold a certification from the Green Restaurant Association, Radial Café is the place to go for locally grown, organic, vegan/vegetarian friendly fare. While their Gouda Scramble and Mom’s French Toast are divine, their Radial Omelet is reason enough to drive to Candler Park. Filled with red peppers, green onions, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese, this fluffy dish is guaranteed to satisfy.

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Catering to Your Health

Atlanta Journal Constitution 04.11.2011.

At a recent party held at Seydel’s home in Atlanta, the dining room table was set with elegant bites of goat cheese lollipops, deviled eggs with smoked salmon, crab mini quiche and organic butternut squash empanadas.

Caterer Frank Bragg of Radial Café even made sure the display included sustainable principles: "We used a stack of cardboard egg cartons topped with glass to present the devilled eggs. It’s a touch of whimsy, but it’s also a way to reuse and repurpose the egg cartons."

Bragg, whose company motto is "Small Carbon Footprint, Big Local Flavor," has been on the forefront of "green catering" since he began his company in 1999.

He says happily organic and other sustainable ingredients are easier to find today, "but you still have to plan ahead. I have one Georgia honey producer who reminded me that her product was available only seasonally, so I have to buy when it’s available and stock up. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it when you find such a beautiful product."

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Restaurants Give Back

Creative Loafing 03.11.2011.

I hadn't been to Radial Café (1530 DeKalb Ave., 404-659-6594, www.radial.us) in years when we brunched there last Sunday. This is one of those diner-like restaurants that, while frequently packed, does exude comfort. Owner Frank Bragg, a longtime Atlanta activist, bought the restaurant last October after 10 years of work with Metrotainment (Einstein's and Cowtippers, among others).

We had a great meal — pillowy, billowy, fluffy buttermilk pancakes with bacon for me and eggs scrambled with Gouda cheese and sausage for Wayne. I also sampled cheese grits and a thick biscuit like your mother made. Bragg said he's considering opening evenings.

I asked Chey and Bragg what motivates their community service. "I've always been involved in something," Bragg said. "It's not just a restaurant thing. I think we all have a responsibility to help others." He was particularly cited for Radial's support of organizations that benefit children, such as For the Kid in All of Us. Radial also regularly hosts fundraising dinners. Bragg's résumé of community service is way too long to describe here.

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GRA Recognizes Restaurants for Excellence in Community Service

Georgia Restaurant Association 03.02.2011.

Four Georgia restaurants have been selected as state winners of the 2011 Restaurant Neighbor Award and are now in the running for the national award that rewards community service, the Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA) announced today. The Restaurant Neighbor Award was created by the National Restaurant Association to recognize restaurants that exemplify the industry’s philanthropic spirit. The Georgia winners are: AmRest LLC. (Applebee's), Arby's Restaurant Group, HomeGrown Restaurant Concepts (Doc Chey's Noodle House, Osteria 832 Pasta & Pizza) and Radial Café.

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Eats: Radial Cafe

Fenuxe 12.30.2010.

2011 brings a fresh start for the breakfast/brunch/lunch mainstay Radial Café and for new owner Frank Bragg. He plans to keep intact the core values previous owner Philip Palmer instituted when he opened in 1999 – community involvement, environmental awareness, and the use of fresh, local, sustainable food.

Bragg was already well known in the community thanks to his notable work as a gay activist and his job as managing partner at Einstein’s and later area manager of Metrotainment Cafés. So he comes ready with a wealth of knowledge of and a passion for the community. It seems like the perfect fit.

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Volunteers bring Christmas joy to homeless youth

GA Voice 12.28.2010. Tristan Skye

The best part of Christmas for some may be receiving gifts, eating until we burst through our britches and watching “The Christmas Story” play on repeat while sipping eggnog. As fun as that all is, sometimes people lose the true meaning of Christmas. When one looks past all of the hustle and bustle, the magic of Christmas is revealed in the spirit of GIVING.

That is what 20 volunteers chose to do at Radial Café on Christmas Day. They gave up their time with family and helped serve a feast complete with goodies to the homeless youth of CHRIS Kids, a non-profit organization that serves as leaders for the community assisting in areas of child welfare, mental health and prevention of youth homelessness.

The leftovers were then distributed to over 50 homeless living on the streets of Atlanta by the volunteers after the initial event was complete, helping bring joy to those who have little hope. “This time of year is very difficult for many of our kids,” said Beth Keller, Director of Development for CHRIS Kids, in a press release about the event.

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Changing of the Gay Guard at Radial Café

Project Q Atlanta 11.19.2010. Mike Flemming

A mainstay for early risers and late lunchers, Radial Café recently changed hands from one popular gay owner to another. It’s a transition for which former owner Philip Palmer says Frank Bragg is a “perfect fit.”

“He’s got a connection to the community and cares about the world around him,” says Palmer. “It’ll be exciting to see what he accomplishes in the next few years. I think he is uniquely qualified to grow Radial.”

Bragg, a local restaurant guru and LGBT activist, first hit gay Atlanta’s larger radar working for Peasant Restaurants before becoming managing partner at Einstein’s—including overseeing its huge expansion and renovation five years ago—then moving into multi-unit management for the other Metrotainment family of restaurants.

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REVIEW: Radial Café

Another Food Blog 11.09.2010. EverSoSweet.net

Breakfast places may very well be the new trend for me. It’s always comfort food and easy on the wallet’s in my opinion. This time Colin, Glor and I went to Radial Cafe off Dekalb Avenue in Candler Park.

Upon doing some pre-research on their website, it seems like an alternate breakfast/lunch spot with organic, local everything and earth friendly and “green” practices. There are classic favorites, vegan/vegetarian twists, and updated new takes on breakfast plates.

Colin had the vegan apple pancakes. I always love when they have vegan options for him without us having to ask.

Glor had an order of cheese grits. She got a little full from breakfast, and it was hard for her to leave the rest of the healthy serving there.

Glor had the bagel and lox as her main breakfast item. She’s had a craving for it for a long time now, so when she saw it on the menu, she was delighted. The lox was a beautiful pale pink color and piled in a nice serving with the traditional bagel and cream cheese plate with red onion, tomato and capers to accompany the traditional breakfast. She let me have a few slices of the lox and it was nicely done.

I had the red flannel hash with nice cubes of corned beef hash with onions, red peppers, and red potatoes. The hash was served with 2 eggs over easy on top and whole wheat toast. It was a very nice breakfast, good serving size, but when I was done with the plate, I was a little worried with the amount of leftover grease that was on the plate, but it was good.

I was worried about another breakfast wait, but we didn’t have a problem at all with a wait. The restaurant was a lot larger than it looks like on the outside and had a nice patio in front. The service was great and I would like to try more again in the future.

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Gay favorite Radial Café enters new era

GA Voice 10.29.2010. By Diana Bagby

Eleven years ago, Philip Palmer opened up Radial Café as a small restaurant that has thrived with its delicious menu and strong support of the LGBT community as well as other local groups.

But at the end of December, Palmer begins a new chapter in his life when he moves to London to be with his partner, Allen Roberson, who recently found a job there after earning an MBA from Emory.

Palmer put feelers out a few months ago about what to do with his restaurant that has become much more than just a place to eat to many people. He wanted someone who shared the values of being environmentally sound — the restaurant is one of only two in the city that is green certified and it also serves only fair trade coffee — but also has a commitment not only to the LGBT community but the community at large.

“I spent 11 years of my life here and certainly wanted it to go to good hands,” Palmer explains. “Obviously this is an environmental restaurant and has a reputation of supporting the community. Radial has always done our part to strengthen the community.”

The “good hands” he found to sell the restaurant to belong to Frank Bragg, formerly of Metrotainment and former managing partner of Einstein’s.

"When I started the process with Frank, we knew a lot of the same people. He wants to build up its environmental reputation — he’s very tied into the gay community and fundraisers, things I feel strong about,” Palmer says.

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Neighborhood Nosh: Radial

AccessAtlanta 12.08.2005. By Bob Townsend

VERDICT: Breakfast with art at this Edgewood meets Candler Park neighborhood favorite.

RADIAL OCCUPIES part of a renovated warehouse complex, and with its postmodern chrome sign, it looks rather stark from the outside. Once inside, though, it exudes a friendly, family vibe that's made it a favorite destination for residents of nearby Edgewood and Candler Park neighborhoods.

ART SPACE: Radial looks as much like a gallery as a restaurant. Works by local artists are featured in the entrance vestibule and line the walls of the main dining room. An open, diner-style kitchen runs the length of the back wall, fronted by a small counter. The rest of the cozy space has wide booths and long tables. On weekdays, the atmosphere can be quite peaceful, but weekend brunch brings in the crowds, including lots of families with small children.

BREAKFAST BEAT: Radial is best known for all-day breakfast with a healthy twist. Regulars go for the thick buckwheat pancakes topped with honey butter, hefty biscuits covered with vegetarian rosemary-fennel gravy, and thick-sliced French toast with strawberry-rhubarb sauce. The fluffy Radial Omelet is a hearty blend of red peppers, mushrooms, onions and pepper jack cheese, topped with sour cream and chopped tomato. The Burrito De Huevos is an omelet of basil, peppers and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with black beans, salsa and sour cream.

LUNCH, TOO: Radial's updated diner fare extends into the afternoon with soups, salads and sandwiches. The leek burger is a spicy, meatloaf-like mix of ground beef, leeks, garlic and jalapeños. Deli-style sandwiches include a classic Reuben as well as shrimp salad and roast beef.

RECOMMENDED DISHES: Radial Omelet, Burrito De Huevos, leek burger.

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